Why Akaunting Cloud?

Can't decide which is better for you? See why Akaunting Cloud is the easiest (and cheapest) option for your business.

Features On-Premise Cloud
Cost of basic Hosting $10 - $15 per month Free forever
Hosting maintenance Your responsibility Our responsibility
Setup & Installation Your responsibility Our responsibility
Akaunting & App Updates Your responsibility Our responsibility
Support On your own - Commmunity support Expert support - Ticket system
Security threats You lose sleep We lose sleep
Your contribution to Akaunting project Nothing :(
(your $ goes elsewhere)
$24 if you go Premium
(we <3 you for that)

If you are hesitant about which plan is more suitable for you, we got your back!

Cloud ships with various advantages, especially for small businesses and freelancers.
Our Cloud offers you safety and security; at Akaunting, we put data protection at the top of our priorities. Therefore you will be backed by a team of experts in the matter, and you will keep your books with peace of mind.
Also, it offers you efficiency and time optimization since you don't have to deal with technicalities or installations. Our team ensures the maintenance as well as the setup and installations.
Finally, on Cloud service, you don't need to worry about extra costs or expertise; you don't need to hire developers or technical support. Akaunting support team is available for you to offer their assistance.